• Agents of Peace - LAHC Student Conference August 07, 2019

    Over 40 students from across Latin America will gather in the spectacular surroundings of St George's College, Quilmes between September 18th and 22nd to become Agents of Peace, taking skills, tools and strategies back to their schools and countries to help make the world a better place to live in. They will be exposed to an intense and varied programme of activities to help them understand the roots and causes of conflict and construct solutions for local, national and international issues.

  • Cold snap no deterrent for Review Training August 07, 2019

    A couple of months ago, Maureen Fleming, LAHC Review Coordinator, and Alan Downie, LAHC Executive Officer, braved the freezing temperatures in Santiago to run two review training workshops in Santiago for teachers from Redland, Dunalastair, The Grange, Craighouse, Lirima College, Lancaster School and the Falkland Islands Schools. The warmth of the hospitality provided by John Mackenzie (Dunalastair) and David Massiah (Redland) and their teams, who hosted the workshops, and the spectacular backdrop of the snow covered Andes were ample compensation for temperatures that dipped below zero at times, whilst the enthusiasm, professionalism and vast experience of the attendees ensured that the workshops were extremely successful and helped to strengthen the pool of reviewers available to LAHC.

    See more photos on our Facebook page: Latin American Heads Conference (@LAHCschools).

    For more information on review training or organising a review for your school, please contact Maureen Fleming or Alan Downie.

  • LAHC LearnFest: A shared celebration and exploration of learning in Latin America May 31, 2019

    Calling current and potential educational leaders – are you looking for a rich, challenging and exciting collaborative learning experience to question conventional thinking and design new paradigms?

    JOIN US on the LAHC LearnFest! It will provide you and your staff with a special opportunity to explore modern pedagogy in Latin American international schools with like minded individuals from across the region. Be part of this adventure and make sure that you and/or members of your staff are registered.

    DATES: 6-week online August 28th – October 2019, followed by a face to face in Buenos Aires October 11th – 14th.

    Costs (for participants from the same school) are as follow:

    1st participant: $250
    2nd participant: $200
    3rd participant: $150
    4th participant: $100
    5th participant: FREE

    Don't miss out, book your place now. For more information, please visit: https://lahclearnfest.home.blog/

  • LAHC conference returns to Mexico City February 27, 2019

    The 2019 LAHC Annual Conference will take place in Mexico City between March 27th and 30th. Keynote speakers Claire Harvey, David Weston and Christian van Nieuwerburgh will address the theme of "Shaping Minds, Transforming Lives" from a variety of perspectives, encouraging 100 leading educators from Latin America to engage in reflection and discussion around the purpose and impact of international education in todays world. Follow us on Twitter @LAHC2016 with the hashtag #LAHC2019.

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