• LAHC student conference: Agents of Peace a resounding success October 25, 2019

    Last month almost 40 students and 13 adults became agents of peace in the LAHC student conference exploring ‘‘Who am I to be a Peace Agent and how can I make peace?' Based at St. George's Quilmes, the delegation (from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru) immersed themselves in a range of activities exploring themes such as understanding conflict, developing mediation and negotiating skills, and constructing solution. This event was inspired by the extraordinary Christmas Day Armistice for World War 1 when Germans and British Allies laid down guns for one day of peace and the global Peace One Day movement. Among the many activities, the students visited the Boca stadium and played 'peace football', got footloose in a tango workshop and heard an enthralling testimony from a survivor of the Malvinas conflict. Bertie Noble (Headmaster, St Bede’s Grammar school) also gave a dynamic practical workshop on how students can be effective mediators in student conflicts. On the final day, students painted a peace mural focusing on an overarching emerging conference theme, the need to build bridges with different groups and not walls of difference. It was great to see all the students working harmoniously together and building long-lasting friendships. We look forward to supporting and celebrating further progress in individual LAHC schools and communities, and making use of the international teams projects resources that were created.

  • LAHC 2020 Annual Conference in Uruguay for the first time October 23, 2019

    HEALTHY SCHOOLS: Putting wellbeing at the heart of education

    We are delighted to announce that the next LAHC Annual Conference will be held in Punta del Este from 1st to 4th April 2020.

    In recent years it has become increasingly apparent that student wellbeing must be both a means and an end in education. Our postmodern world - characterised by uncertainty, rapid change, cultural dissonance, high stakes accountability and growing global tension – raises new challenges for educators and also society in general. Technology has transformed social and family structures beyond recognition while migration and social mobility have uprooted the traditions and identities of communities. This means the physical and mental wellbeing of students, parents, staff and school leaders are under immense pressure on a daily basis.

    To this end, we will address the WELLBEING in the broadest sense, looking at all sectors of the school community and a wide range of issues. We are delighted to announce the following confirmed speakers who are leaders in a variety of fields closely related to wellbeing in schools and the wider community:

    Vanessa King: Action for Happiness
    Helen Semple: Deputy Head People and Diversity at St Paul’s Girls’ School, London
    Gareth Turnbull Jones: Head of Landmark International School, Cambridge
    Katie Rigg: Head of Safeguarding and Student Well-being at CIS
    Claire Harvey MBE: Inclusion expert and Paralympian
    Robin Watts: Independent trainer

    More details to follow!

  • New IB Maths syllabuses August 16, 2019

    All IB Diploma schools will be introducing the new Maths syllabuses for first examination in 2021. Today, LAHC Executive Officer Alan Downie was at the Lancaster School in Mexico City working with the Maths Department on the introduction of the changes, which imply a complete restructuring of all of the maths courses and significant changes to the way that the subject is assessed.

  • LAHC recognises honours for members, past and present August 09, 2019

    LAHC is delighted to announce that Donald Jones, the association’s Treasurer (ex-oficio), has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2019. In addition, we would like to acknowledge other LAHC members who have received an honour.

    Donald Jones*, MBE (2019) - Founder of Cambridge College, Lima, Peru and Founding member of British Schools Peru and the Association of British Schools in Latin America. For services to education in Peru and Latin America.

    Alan Downie, MBE (2012) – Former head of Lancaster School, Mexico City. For services to UK education and to the community in Mexico.

    Richard Collingwood-Selby*, OBE (2007) – Former head of Redland School, Santiago, Chile. For services to education in Chile.

    John Nixon, MBE (2007) – Current head of the British School of Rio, Brazil. For services to education in Taiwan.

    Rina Bayly*, MBE (2005) – Former head of San Silvestre College, Lima, Peru. For services to education in Peru.

    Martin Garvie*, MBE (2005; since deceased) – Former head of St Hilda’s College, Buenos Aires, Argentina. For services to education and English language teaching in Argentina.

    Paul Wiseman*, OBE (2001). Former head of the British School of Rio, Brazil.

    Alberto Noble*, OBE (1994) and KGSJ [Knight of Grace of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta), 2006] – Head of Bede’s Grammar School, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    *Founder member of LAHC

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