David Weston

David Weston is the founder and Chief Executive of the Teacher Development Trust, the leading NGO in the UK for effective professional development in schools and colleges. He founded the Trust in 2012 after graduating from Oxford University and completing 10 years teaching in the English state school system. Since the launch of TDT, David has steered it to be one of the foremost voices in education on the subject of professional development. In 2015, he was appointed by the UK Secretary of State for Education as Chair of the Teachers Professional Development Expert Group and he continues to advise UK government on policy. David helped to set up the new UK Chartered College of which he is now a Founding Fellow and Council Member.

David is a high profile writer and speaker around teacher development, and has appeared on BBC TV, Sky News and a TEDx in the USA, among others. He works extensively across the UK - with government, schools and system leaders - and has also worked in the USA, Canada, UAE and India. His work on LGBT+ diversity has seen him featured in media around the world. Alongside co-author Bridget Clay, David wrote Unleashing Great Teaching: the secrets to the most effective teacher development. (published May 2018, Routledge).