August 31, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to inform you that the next LAHC Annual Conference will be held in Mexico City between March 27th and 30th, 2019. We return to the cultural and culinary paradise of Mexico City after six years and this time we will be in the Colonia Napoles, in order to allow you to explore new parts of the city that you might not have had the chance to experience previously. More details about the hotel to come once we have signed the contract! The four LAHC schools in Hub F are excited to be hosting the conference and are already planning to make this a memorable experience for you all.

For the format of the conference, both the local schools and the Executive Committee have given a great deal of thought to the feedback from this year’s conference, and we have come up with something that is similar to previous years but with a wider variety of speakers organised around four major threads, giving delegates the opportunity to customise their conference experience to their specific needs and interests.

The main conference will run over three days, as usual, with the second day being a half day to allow the return of the networking activities. There will also be a pre-conference day for Heads, which will allow us to focus on sharing and discussing key issues, and also to have a much more relaxed and meaningful AGM. The intention is also to organise a parallel pre-conference day for non-heads and possibly for students from local schools, but these plans are still embryonic. Local schools will, as always, be open for visits on the Monday and Tuesday.

We have decided to keep the theme very broad, in order to allow us to include a wide variety of topics in the keynotes and breakout sessions. Our goal is to provide variety and flexibility so that you choose what you want to focus on. This way we will potentially be able to include a very large number of the suggestions that came up in the feedback from this year. So the overall theme is International Education (ie everything) and tentatively the four threads within that will be: School Leadership, Teaching and Learning, Social Responsibility/Action, Developing Staff. We will be looking for in-house workshops from you and your staff, as always, so please start thinking about what your school can offer.

On the basis of the feedback from this year’s conference and the logistical challenges of Mexico City, we have decided not to include participation by students from outside Mexico. We do have some plans for including local students, from both LAHC and public schools, but these plans are also embryonic at this stage.
I hope this gives you a taste of what is to come. We will be sending more information as plans develop.

Best wishes,