The conference hotel is the Crowne Plaza Hotel de Mexico Crowne Plaza Hotel de Mexico, Dakota 95, Colonia Nápoles, CDMX

Room rates for conference delegates, applicable from March 24th to March 31st, are:
• MXN 2,975 Standard Room, single or double
• MXN 3,332 Executive Room, single or double
• US$35 Extra person in the same room

The rate includes:
• Buffet breakfast
• Desktop computer and internet access
• Unlimited free WiFi
• Whirlpool bathtub
• Access to the gym
• All taxes

Checkin time: 15:00
Checkout time: 12:00
Early checkin and late checkout can be arranged at half the daily room rate or full rate, depending on the time.

By telephone: +52 55 11 64 11 64 ext. 3007, 3006 or 4008
• Monday to Friday 07:00 to 23:00
• Saturday 09:00 to 19:00
• Sunday 09:00 to 14:00

By email:

Reservations manager:

Include the reference “LATIN AMERICAN HEADS CONFERENCE”to make sure that you receive the conference rate.
All reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card.

Reservations can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to arrival with no charge.

Flight Suggestions

Times and prices of flights found on Travelocity on October 14th 2018. This is not an exhaustive list of flights but the best options available that allow attendance at all conference sessions.

    Line 1 of the Metrobus runs the entire length of Insurgentes, the longest road in Mexico City, and will get you close to most places that you are likely to want to visit. You will have a Metrobus card in your conference pack, with enough credit for several journeys. You can top it up in the machines at any Metrobus or Metro station. The Metrobus is generally clean, comfortable, safe and efficient. It runs in a dedicated lane, free of traffic, and so tends to be a relatively fast method of transport. However, it tends to be VERY full at rush hours. The nearest stop to the conference hotel is Poliforum, a six minute walk from the hotel. Metrobus stops are shown on each of the maps in this section. A single fare is 6 pesos (approximately US$0.30), except on the line from the airport, which is 30.

    The Mexico City Metro has 12 lines, and it is also generally clean, safe and efficient, although the usual precautions should be taken when using it. The same card can be used for both the Metro and the Metrobus, although if you transfer from one to the other you will have to pay two complete fares. A single fare on the metro costs 5 pesos. The nearest Metro stations to the hotel are:

    • Chilpancingo – Line 9 – 18 minutes’ walk
    • Patriotismo – Line 9 – 22 minutes’ walk
    • San Pedro de los Pinos – Line 7 – 19 minutes’ walk
    • Tacubaya – Lines 1, 7 and 9 – 25 minutes’ walk

    Taxis are plentiful and relatively cheap in Mexico City. However, we strongly recommend that you do not take a taxi off the street. Either use a taxi from the hotel, or from a “Sitio” (taxi base) or use an Uber. Ubers are plentiful and well regulated, and you normally won’t have to wait long for one.

    From the airport, use one of the official taxi services that are available in both terminals. Ticket booths can be found as you leave the customs hall and they take cash or credit card. These taxis are safe and reliable. Do NOT hail a cab off the street outside the airport terminal.

    In this guide we give approximate times for taxi travel to the restaurants. These are times WITHOUT traffic. With traffic they can be considerably longer. Insurgentes gets very full at rush hour.

    Key to maps:

    • Places of interest are marked in green
    • Restaurants are marked in blue
    • Transport stations are marked in red

    Dominated by the World Trade Centre (2), Nápoles is a reasonably quiet residential area with some great restaurants. There isn’t a great deal to see but the Alfonso Esparza Oteo Park (3) is a pleasant green space always full of locals.


    1 La Strega (3 mins walk) Cosy and friendly Italian restaurant. Good food. Very close to hotel.
    2 El Sabor del Tiempo (2 mins walk) Traditional Mexican food in a characterful atmosphere. Well worth a visit if you want a taste of Mexico.
    3 La Posta (8 mins walk) Great Italian food – a family favourite. Pizzas are great, but there is plenty more.
    4 Puerto Getaria (4 mins walk) Outstanding Spanish food, especially Basque. Superb wine list. Not cheap!
    5 Fisher’s (12 mins walk) Another family favourite. Seafood and a party atmosphere. Very generous with the drinks.
    6 Le Petit Resto (18 mins walk) Superb French restaurant, but very small, so booking is essential.


    1. Poliforum
    2. Nápoles
    3. Colonia del Valle

    The Condesa has become the fashionable and chic neighbourhood for the younger generation, full of restaurants, bars and clubs, clustered around the Parque España (1), Parque México (2) and the Fuente de las Cibeles (3). Just enjoy wandering around the streets and taking in the atmosphere. A short trip on the Metrobus will get you there from the hotel.


    1 Nonna (8 mins by taxi, Metrobus Campeche) A great little Italian restaurant where you can sit out on the pavement.
    2 Tandoor (9 mins by taxi, Metrobus Sonora) Excellent Pakistani restaurant. The real deal. Try to get a table on the roof.
    3 Rojo Bistro (9 mins by taxi, Metrobus Sonora) Opposite the Tandoor, superb French food. Very cosy. Great service. Not cheap!
    4 Nevería Roxy (9 mins by taxi) A genuine 1950s ice cream parlour with an enormous range of flavours. Well worth a visit. A real institution.
    5 Taj Mahal (9 mins by taxi) A very down to earth, inexpensive Indian restaurant. Family favourite.


    1. Durango
    2. Álvaro Obregón
    3. Sonora
    4. Campeche

    Originally a fashionable area to live, Roma went into decline after extensive damage during the 1985 earthquake but has recently become more sought after again. Made famous by Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar winning film (see the house where it was filmed (1)) there are some grand old buildings and beautiful tree-lined avenues, especially Álvaro Obregón. Roma is on the opposite side of Insurgentes from the Condesa. Easily accessible by Metrobus from the hotel.


    1 Casa Lamm (12 mins by taxi, Metrobus Álvaro Obregón) A beautiful old building turned into a cultural centre with a superb restaurant. Well worth a visit.
    2 Xnic (12 mins by taxi, Metrobus Álvaro Obregón) A relatively new Mexican restaurant serving beautifully prepared and served regional dishes. A great choice for something authentically Mexican.


    1. Durango
    2. Álvaro Obregón
    3. Sonora
    4. Campeche
    5. Chilpancingo

    The really chic part of town with as many pedigree dogs as people on the streets. Polanco is bursting with posh restaurants and expensive boutiques, but it is also a pleasant area to walk around. You will hear as much English and French being spoken as Spanish. Wander down to Avenida Reforma, the Champs Élysées of Mexico City, for the museum zone and Chapultepec Park.


    1 Brassi (15 mins by taxi) A wonderful French restaurant with pavement seating. Great food but not cheap!
    2 Capri (14 mins by taxi) Great Italian restaurant with pavement seating and balcony tables upstairs.
    3 Casa Portuguesa (14 mins by taxi) Excellent Portuguese food overlooking Lincoln Park.
    4 Sir Winston Churchill’s (12 mins by taxi) An authentically British restaurant specialising in outrageously large roast beef dinners. If you have a big appetite, a big budget and miss your Sunday roast, this is worth a visit.
    5 Hacienda de los Morales (16 mins by taxi) Stunning setting for a really special experience.


    1. Polanco
    2. Auditorio

    You could easily spend a week here, but start at the Zócalo with the Palacio Nacional (1) and its famous murals, the Templo Mayor (2) (site of the centre of the pre-Hispanic city of Tenochtitlan) and the Cathedral (3). Then walk down 5 de Mayo to the spectacular Palacio de Bellas Artes (4) and carry on through the Alameda to the Diego Rivera Mural Museum (5). Then on to the Monumento de la Revolución en Plaza de la República (6) and if there is still time have a look at the recently restored Biblioteca de México (7).


    1 La Opera (15 mins by taxi, Metro Allende) Famous for the bullet hole in the roof supposedly made by Pancho Villa, this is a perfect example of an old-style Mexican cantina. Well worth a visit.
    2 Café de Tacuba (15 mins by taxi, Metro Allende) A famous traditional restaurant in the centre of town. Good Mexican food at very reasonable prices.
    3 Los Girasoles (15 mins by taxi, Metro Allende) Good new Mexican cuisine in the centre of town.
    4 El Cardenal (15 mins by taxi, Metro Hidalgo) Famous for its breakfasts, this is a top-class restaurant right on the Alameda, on the ground floor of the Hilton hotel. Worth a visit if you are in the centre of town but be prepared to queue if you go for breakfast on the weekend.


    1. Zócalo
    2. Allende
    3. Bellas Artes
    4. Hidalgo
    5. Revolución


    1. Revolución
    2. Plaza de la República
    3. Reforma
    4. Hamburgo

    A largely residential area on the opposite side of Insurgentes from the Nápoles. The Parque Tlacoquemecatl (1) is a charming little park with a few cafés dotted around, whilst the Parque Hundido (2) is a vibrant space full of locals.


    1 Suntory (9 mins walk) An excellent Japanese restaurant within walking distance of the hotel, but the food comes at a price.
    2 Matisse (15 mins walk) Good food in a characterful converted house. Especially recommended for breakfasts. A family favourite.
    3 Fonda 99.99 (11 mins by taxi, Metrobus Felix Cuevas) A down to earth place specialising in food from the Yucatán peninsula. You will probably have to queue for a table, and they will rush you through – it’s that popular – but it’s worth it.


    1. Poliforum
    2. Nápoles
    3. Colonia del Valle
    4. Ciudad de los Deportes
    5. Parque Hundido
    6. Félix Cuevas

    Once an independent community, San Ángel is now a beautiful and historic neighbourhood of Mexico City. Wander through the maze of cobbled streets, full of beautiful old houses and restaurants, and watch the world go by in the various small parks and plazas. Visit the famous Bazaar del Sábado artisan market in Plaza San Jacinto (2), wander up Altavista to the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo (1) or walk down to Plaza Loreto and the Museo Soumaya (3).


    1 ZeRU (15 mins by taxi, Metrobus La Bombilla) Excellent food, specialising in Basque cuisine, with a classy atmosphere and great service. Not cheap!
    2 Cluny (15 mins by taxi, Metrobus La Bombilla) Cosy and atmospheric French restaurant, specialises in crepes.
    3 Carlota (16 mins by taxi, Metrobus La Bombilla) Beautifully restored old building serving a very interesting menu of original dishes.
    4 Bistro 83 and d´Kiriko (15 mins by taxi, Metrobus La Bombilla) Two restaurants next door to each other serving very good food in elegant surroundings.
    5 Saks (16 mins by taxi, Metrobus La Bombilla) Interesting, healthy food and a great wine list, accompanied by wonderful homemade breads.
    6 La Taberna de León (18 mins by taxi, Metrobus La Bombilla) Outstanding restaurant with a well-deserved reputation and a price to match.


    1. Doctor Gálvez
    2. La Bombilla

    Coyoacán is a beautiful colonial neighbourhood that was home to Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. Wander from the central plaza (1) with its famous church to the Frida Kahlo museum (2) and up to the house where Trotsky lived in exile and was brutally murdered (3). Florida is a residential area with some great restaurants along Insurgentes.


    1 Los Almendros (11 mins by taxi, Metrobus Francia) Famous restaurant serving traditional food from the Yucatán region of Mexico.
    2 La Casserole (16 mins by taxi, Metrobus Olivo) Great French food in a cosy atmosphere.
    3 Los Danzantes (20 mins by taxi) Superb new Mexican cuisine with an extensive list of excellent Mexican wines. It’s a small place but really exceptional.
    4 El Morral (20 mins by taxi) Very traditional Mexican food at very cheap prices. A real taste of Mexico but be careful if you have a weak stomach.


    1. Francia
    2. Olivo
    3. Altavista


    1. M A de Quevedo
    2. Viveros
    3. Coyoacán