• LAHC LearnFest: A shared celebration and exploration of learning in Latin America May 31, 2019

    Calling current and potential educational leaders – are you looking for a rich, challenging and exciting collaborative learning experience to question conventional thinking and design new paradigms?

    JOIN US on the LAHC LearnFest! It will provide you and your staff with a special opportunity to explore modern pedagogy in Latin American international schools with like minded individuals from across the region. Be part of this adventure and make sure that you and/or members of your staff are registered.

    DATES: 6-week online August 28th – October 2019, followed by a face to face in Buenos Aires October 11th – 14th.

    Costs (for participants from the same school) are as follow:

    1st participant: $250
    2nd participant: $200
    3rd participant: $150
    4th participant: $100
    5th participant: FREE

    Don't miss out, book your place now. For more information, please visit: https://lahclearnfest.home.blog/