• LAHC Basketball Championship November 30, 2017

    The first LAHC International Basketball Championship was held between September 21st and 23rd in Lima, Peru with a total of 9 schools competing, each with a boys and a girls team. The championship was organised by Hiram Bingham and the matches were hosted by Hiram Bingham, Markham, San Silvestre and Newton. Hiram Bingham, Markham, Cambridge, San Silvestre, Newton and Altair hosted the students coming from Trujillo (Fleming College), Cajamarca (Davy College) and Sao Paulo (St. Pauls School).

    The boys event was won by Markham, who beat St. Pauls 31 - 27 in the final, and the girls event was won by Cambridge College, who beat St. Pauls 49 - 46 in the final. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this event happen and especially to Hiram Bingham for their excellent organisation of the event.