• Olympics February 27, 2019

    On October 8th under beautiful blue skies, close to 200 young athletes representing five countries and drawn from 14 schools came together to compete in the first LAHC Student Olympics, hosted on the Nordelta site of Northlands School and organised through a superb collaborative team effort by all of the Argentine schools.

    Students from across Latin American were warmly received in the houses of families from St Andrews, St Matthews, St George’s, Bedes and Northlands, providing a unique opportunity for both hosts and guests to learn about other cultures.

    The competition was keen but always conducted in the best Olympian spirit, transforming rivalry into friendship and respecting the dictum of another LAHC school: “lose with grace and win with humility”. The following day St George’s College North hosted recreational sporting activities and a delicious barbecue, allowing both students and teachers (and even headmasters) to cement new acquaintances on the field and off it.

    We hope that this will be the first of many such events and thanks must go to all of the students and teachers that helped to make it a reality and a resounding success.