Christian van Nieuwerburgh

Christian is a leading academic and thought-leader in the field of coaching, as well as a practising executive coach. Regarded as an international authority in the field, Christian regularly speaks at conferences, facilitates training, and consults in the UK, Europe, Australia, the US and the Middle East. He is particularly interested in the application of coaching in educational settings and the integration of coaching and positive psychology.

Christian is the author of \"An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide\" (Sage, 2014; 2017) and the editor of \"Coaching in Education: Getting Better Results for Students, Educators and Parents\" (Karnac, 2012) and \"Coaching in Professional Contexts\" (Sage, 2016). He is a co-author (with John Campbell) of \"The Leader\'s Guide to Coaching in Schools: Creating Conditions for Effective Learning\" (Corwin, 2017) and \"Coaching in Islamic Culture: Principles and Practice of Ershad\" with Raja’a Allaho (Routledge, 2017). Christian is the Editor in Chief of \"Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice,\" a leading, peer-reviewed academic journal. 

Christian is Executive Director of Growth Coaching International (GCI) and Professor of Coaching and Positive Psychology at the University of East London (UK). He is Visiting Professor at the University of Bergamo (Italy) and an Honorary Fellow of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne (Australia).