Patrick Mussolini

Patrick Mussolini began his 26 years in education, as an upper elementary teacher in the South Bronx, NYC. For the past 16 years he has worked in middle years school administration, 11 of those as Head of School at Dobbs Ferry Middle School in Westchester County, NY. Under his leadership, Dobbs Ferry Middle School has successfully implemented a highly functioning Middle Years Program that serves as a resource to other schools embarking on the path toward MYP authorization.

Fueled by a passion for the unique challenges of working with middle years learners, Patrick has worked to identify the connections and alignment between what current research tells us about the adolescent brain and the underpinnings of IB philosophy and teaching and learning in an MYP environment. By working with his staff to recognize and articulate these connections, he has successfully built a common understanding and commitment to MYP, not as part of an administrative mandate, but as a professional imperative.

Patrick holds Masters Degrees in both Special Education and School Administration, and has shared his knowledge and experience with the field as an adjunct instructor at the collegiate level and as a presenter at numerous regional and national conferences. He is excited to have this opportunity to engage in collegial discourse around a topic about which he is deeply committed.