September 29, 2016

In 2017 we will be offering students a unique experience to explore the concept of creativity from both a practical and a theoretical perspective through the lenses of connection, imagination and innovation. They will have their own programme of workshops and activities as well as joining the main conference for some of the keynote presentations, taking advantage of the opportunity to work with our keynote speakers as well as other local specialists from a wide range of different creative fields.

This will be very different from previous conferences in terms of student participation. It will not simply be a set of rehearsals for a final performance by accomplished musicians, nor will it be a standard conference for student leaders, but rather it will be an eclectic mix of activities that allow students to examine the concept and the scope of creativity by exploring their own creativity on a journey of self-discovery and interaction with their peers. The emphasis will be on the process rather than the final product, but they will have the opportunity to construct their own messages and present them to the main conference delegates on the final evening.

We are looking to bring together a dynamic and energetic group of young people who are willing to discover things that they didn't know about themselves, embrace their own vulnerability, challenge the received wisdom about creativity and leadership and give us all something to think about. They might be student leaders who don’t think that they are creative or they might be creative students who don’t think that they are leaders, or neither or both. There will be something for everyone and the structure will be sufficiently flexible that it can respond to the direction in which the students want to take it. They do NOT have to be accomplished performers nor do they have to be natural leaders. They DO need to be open minded, willing to be challenged and able to work collaboratively.

The programme will look something like the following, although this is still in the planning stages and it will certainly evolve over the next few months. However, the basic structure will remain the same.

When the students break into small groups they will be able to choose from a wide range of options and they will have teachers from St Nicholas and St Paul's schools on hand to support them. They will use the medium that they have chosen (singing, playing, dancing, acting, painting, writing, etc) to produce a message that they will present to the main conference on the final evening. More than a performance this will be a series of short presentations using different creative forms to transmit the ideas and concepts that they have explored over the course of the week.

The specific activities on offer will depend on the students. Once they have been registered we will be asking them to tell us about themselves in order to be able to plan activities that cater for the full range of creative talents and interests.

I hope that this gives you enough of an idea about what we are planning to be able to start thinking about which students you want to send. It is an ambitious and complex proposal which will require a lot of preparation so we must have the final list of names of students by the end of November at the latest. We have had to put a limit of 2 students per school because of the challenges of hosting with only two LAHC schools in Sao Paulo and because of limits on resources. However, places that have not been taken up by November 15th will be made available to other schools.

The cost will be US$350, which represents exceptionally good value for what they will get. The conference will be open to students aged16 and over (ie born in the year 2000 or before). They will be hosted by families from St Nicholas and St Paul's schools.

Please follow this link to register your school's intentions. At this stage names are not required but they will need to be sent by November 15th at the latest using this link (student registration). After that date unfilled places will be offered to other schools wishing to send more students.

Best wishes,